At the time it was said he'd be able to access almost all parts of Nos. He seemed quite unfazed by photocalls, and paid scant attention to politicians, heads of state or even royalty — it's reported that King Hussein of Jordan was once kept waiting while a police officer removed Humphrey from the welcoming red carpet. How PRs have taken over the media", "Larry the cat is installed as Downing Street Chief Mouser", "Larry the cat fundraiser quiz night to be held at No 10", "Larry the No 10 cat catches first mouse ... finally", "Larry the Downing Street cat finally kills first rodent", "Andy McSmith's Diary: Even Larry the cat is not safe from factions in Downing Street", "2 senior UK ministers hunt down rat during budget meeting", "David Cameron should save Larry the cat from his lonely life in Downing Street", "Commons Confidential: endangered cats, rebellious Scots and the battle for the Edstone", "There is a special door for cats in Downing Street, Nick Clegg confirms", "Downing Street cat Larry needed to tackle Parliament's rodent problem, says David Blunkett", "David Cameron's worst lie is finally revealed: Larry the cat", "David Cameron: I do love Larry the cat and I can prove it", "David Cameron: The surprising description of him that he 'hated, "Larry the cat makes Whitehall comeback after vet repairs his battle wounds", "People are outraged Larry the Cat isn't on David Cameron's honours list", "Larry the Downing Street cat parks himself under Trump limo", "Larry the Downing Street Cat Goes All Passive-Aggressive on Donald Trump", "Police called to break up violent cat fight in Downing Street", "Downing Street denies Cameron and Osborne cat feud", "George Osborne's family cat Freya sent away from Downing Street to Kent", "Palmerston the cat arrives for work at the Foreign Office", "Tensions grow between Larry and Palmerston as UK in government limbo", "Limping Larry the cat treated by vet amid 'fracas' with rival Palmerston", "Cabinet office 'to appoint cat called Cromwell as Chief Mouser. It says he is "contemplating a solution to the mouse occupancy of the house" and has told Downing Street that such a solution is still in the "tactical planning stage".