YES! At first, you might be earning .04-.06 per review but as you progress you'll get more for your review. Deals for Reviews is, like its name suggests, a site that still requires members to leave reviews to get discounted products. I only Turk because it is cash to pay bills with. It has the option to earn about $1.00 a day just running aps on your phone. A place to talk about making an income online. For this reason, it is not worth the risk and your business should focus on honest ways to get customers to leave reviews. There's a guy I go to school with who gets .10 per review, so after 10 reviews he has $1 already. Are you affiliated with Mturk? To get a feel for it, try joining the MP Newsroom Bloggers Facebook group, where you can directly interact with existing members of the program. Since the beginning of time and evolution of businesses and products, reviews were and still are the main reason why people succeed. It is extremely risky to buy Google reviews as it is quite possible that a future algorithm update will, not only, remove your paid for reviews but inhibit your business’s ability to rank in organic search results. This can take between two and 30 days. Plus there are tons of surveys constantly being posted as well as shopping bonuses and even videos to watch to earn. So you might sign up for Global Test Market and many of the surveys you take are from Global Test Market, but occasionally you might find yourself taking a survey for some other company. The payout is in gift cards and there are plenty of surveys. Once you are approved to write a review, you can complete the review and submit it. The minimum payout is $1 per review and you can submit up to three reviews per day. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Which can be fun, don't get me wrong. Authors who want you to write review their books just so they have reviews out there. Keep in mind that there are other tasks that you can do like transcription and such so it is best to use the word "survey" if you want to stick to surveys. I have been doing it for a year and it is completely safe and backed by amazon. I have written more than 100 reviews this year and, believe me, not all were five-star. Not directly, as in Reddit isn’t going to pay you to post on there. Check out their testimonials and review samples, then decide for yourself. Side note: My personal favorite is #7. Women’s Review of Books Research freelancing for lit mags and websites, start building a portfolio and a following. I have even refunded money to one author who deserved a three-star review, along with some constructive criticism. The earnings are comparable to Swagbucks. For a number of writers, a professional, promotional review makes sense. The most important advice you will find there is to use Turkopticon which has reviews about posters there. My tip is don't. Moody Press also asks you to write your honest review within 60 days of reading it. A week back, I came across Packity, a service which allows members to earn by simply sharing their unused bandwidth. It was sweet while it lasted. To answer your question, I have the survey sites I use listed here: I know it's mentioned frequently lately, but I'm still posting it in case OP doesn't know about this, so don't stone me. I wouldn’t recommend using this one too frequently if you don’t want to get flagged by Amazon, but it’s still an option if you need more sites in your roster. You write the review and Software Judge encourage you to “tell it like it is.”. they also have a variety of gift cards you can cash out with. Honestly, if that's what they are going to do, fuck 'em, just leave positive reviews and get paid and don't give a shit. I would read the book, then send my comments to the publisher-owner. Now I'm on £2 a day. Press J to jump to the feed. This is an international site and anyone can join the site as long as they are 16 years of age or older. One new site offers a very low-cost option for authors: Well, I don't think it'll be much but, if you like listening to music for fun and want to make some money, there's a website called Slicethepie referal link/ non-referal link basically what you do is you put some basic info (name, race, dob) and they use your general area to make sure you live in the U.S (but it seems to be expanding more) and what kinds of song genre's you like to listen to. Get paid to review songs. If you are just looking for a few extra dollars to spend on non-bills then SwagBucks works just fine. They are transparent about their payment rates upfront before you agree to review a book and typically pay between $5 to $60. They send out survey really frequently, even if you don't qualify, they at least send you some points for the survey too. The second one is basically advertising under the guise of reviews and morally dishonest, at least according to my moral compass. Once you earn 10,000 points you will get paid, you’ll earn around 25 points per 5,000 steps, so this won’t happen quickly. Afterwards, you are given 90 secs of a song to listen and review. You can get paid to watch short films, advertisements, app trailers, movie review, cooking tutorials and more. The other way to win money is to enter the giveaways every day and you can win $10–$20. The other night I had someone reach out to me on Goodreads and tell me that he liked a review I did of a book and wants me to review his novel. Inevitably something will go wrong with a 30 minute survey and you don't get your points and depending on the site they may fix it quickly, slowly, or not at all. What you will get from a "career" of Goodreads reviews is a lot of free ARCs from indie authors and/or marketing people at presses. I probably made $500-600 doing this over a couple of years. It will help you avoid the surveys that don't pay that well. You gotta work a bit for it, but you can really make money if you try. I love how fast swagbucks adds up too. They like shorter articles (under 1000 words), so the readers quickly get the gist of the reviewed item. Typically, reviews are 100 words and can earn you $2. You said that you didn't have good results with Opinion Outpost... it really depends on a lot of things. I just started using it and hope I'm not missing something. You see, when you publish content online, search engines such as Google & Bing automatically discover it & list it within their results as an option for people to click on whenever they search for something related to it. Like others have said, build a following, be regular with your reviews, develop your style (as a reviewer, you essentially have to become a writer, too--oh the irony), start a blog on your literary opinions, and, above all, enjoy it. I think vindale is the best! I apply the same ground rules in those cases. There's a guy I go to school with who gets .10 per review, so after 10 reviews he has $1 already. Cookies help us deliver our Services. 1. Review and Discuss Movies on Keeping It Reelz. It is our intent and purpose to foster and encourage in-depth discussion about all things related to books, authors, genres, or publishing in a safe, supportive environment. The only people paying for reviews are just looking for 5 star reviews on Amazon/Goodreads they don't care at all if you even read the book. After looking into it, it seems like there's money to be made by writing and posting book reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. Compensation Will pay $20 for every reddit post you get past a 1000 upvotes. I only ask because of your username. Online Book Club. I've been making money with them for almost a decade. Subscribe to my YouTube channel here for more videos like this one. I am quite fond of SwagBucks Referal Link / Non-Referral Link. And NEVER accept money for a review, it'll only ruin your reputation as a reviewer/critic. If you really want to get into proper pro- or semi-pro reviewing, start approaching sites and magazines and ask them if they'll look at some of your stuff. #1. (And on a side note, because they're a middle man, they're taking a cut of the rewards - whereas you're maybe making 48 points (cents) taking a survey, people from other panels might be making 75 cents on that very same survey, or something like that.) It took some doing, but over a year's time of asking for honest reviews, I got plenty. You are paid $2 for writing a review which is one of the highest rate offered in the industry compared to other review websites. If I thought the book was fantastic, it'd usually get published. To qualify as a curator you need to own a playlist with REAL followers on either Spotify, YouTube Music or Apple Music. Just click on the offer that you’re interested in and you’ll be directed to the advertiser’s site. Earnhoney Ref l Noref will get you around $4/day passively by watching videos or having 2048 game started. Here is the review. However there is no reason you can't do the SwagBucks surveys. I also like Mechanical Turking but it requires you to enter your social security number because it is taxable income. When you sign up for Review Stream, you can select a category and request to review specific products. Sign me up. That's my $0.02 anyhow. But if you want, check it out :) I like it for finding new music, the small compensation per review is a little bonus :P. Most times I try to take a survey online it has a pre-survey to qualify you. Just saying. Some panels also have varying levels of support. Can you get paid from Reddit? Overall, Achievement is a legitimate easy way to get paid to walk, but won’t be a huge income. You must have at least $50 to cash out on this site. It is a great review website for those who love reading because you get paid to write summaries and reviews of books, articles, newspapers, academic papers, and websites. You're dead on the money about the two kinds of review requests. Most, if not all of these that I've listed are actual research companies that create their own surveys and use the people on their own panel for their own surveys. Most sites from the beer money sub for example are mainly geared towards Americans. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 4 years ago. Ways to get paid: Gift cards These self-absorbed egomaniacs are everywhere, and they've basically written a book because A) they think they can become rich and famous quickly, or B) as Patton Oswalt said of stand-up comics at open mic night, they basically start thinking "A venue for public speaking? There are not a lot that I could find, but the four good ones that were easy to signup with and allowed you to start earning as soon as you post are listed below. People will only want to pay you to write positive reviews if you are being paid by authors and not by magazines. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Prolific Academic is definitely one of my favorites. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. You will usually start off with $5 for reviews until your reviewer score increases. Afterwards, you are given 90 secs of a song to listen and review. I still do free reviews via my WordPress site, but I also do some paid reviews for a few small publishing houses, and even a few Indie authors. Some places have the gall to purchase reviews and boost their ratings. Authors who want you to write good reviews of their books so they have only good reviews out there. Another time I left a negative review of a site, and the company actually called me up to ask me about it! Visit the Mturk subreddit and be sure to read all about it before you fire it up. That's $160 per day, or $1120 per week or $4480 or $53,760 per year for just posting on reddit. Get Paid To is a website that opened in the year 2000 to help people earn money working online. The average national gas price average has increased to $2.88 per gallon. The only people paying for reviews are just looking for 5 star reviews on Amazon/Goodreads they don't care at all if you even read the book. 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